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Get accurate and reliable daily snapshots
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Critical daily mutual fund sales and asset intelligence to effectively compete

Turbo charge distribution effectiveness

Sales Tracking & Reporting Software for Asset Managers

MANAGEMENT-LEVEL Mutual Fund Sales Tracking & Reporting

There are as many different sales-relevant alignments of data in the asset management industry as there are mutual fund distribution organizations in the marketplace. Asset management distribution executives, sales managers and marketing managers typically require summary-level mutual fund reporting.

  • Assets by channel, dealer and portfolio
  • Inflows, redemptions and net flows by channel, dealer and portfolio
  • Gross and net sales by territory
  • Top producers & first time producers
  • Comparative reports; month over month, quarter over quarter, year over year

… just some of the more typical distribution-relevant reports that are considered business critical by mutual fund distribution executives, sales managers and marketing managers.

TERRITORY-LEVEL Sales Tracking & Reporting Dashboards for Mutual Fund Wholesalers

Most mutual fund wholesalers agree that territory-specific reporting, presented in user-friendly dashboards, holds the most value and immediate practicality. Drill-down sales tracking and reporting can be combined with graphical data dashboards to provide additional details at wholesalers’ fingertips.


For wholesalers, enterprise-wide mutual fund sales tracking and reporting can provide an important backdrop for the essential job of positioning their organizations and their mutual fund products and services in the most favorable and competitive light, and can provide a valuable framework for measuring and tracking territory performance against company-wide expectations and results of their colleagues.

3 Distinct Mutual Fund Reporting & Data Analytics Alternatives for Asset Mangers

Multiple Scheduling & Distribution Methods:  Come to the Portal, Schedule for E-Mail Delivery, or FTP Delivery

SalesStation ~ Data Management, Business Intelligence & CRM
Out of the Box SalesStation Core

SalesStation Core…Out of the Box Reports & Dashboards

For most small and fast growing asset managers, Celera’s standardized package of summary mutual fund sales reports and dashboards (including a wide range of both enterprise-wide and distribution-specific reporting), more than amply satisfies their needs.

Our menu of standardized mutual fund sales tracking tools and reports for asset managers was developed with the help of seasoned senior asset management distribution executives who have proven track records of building successful mutual fund organizations. Formatted with user-friendly tables accompanied by graphical dashboards, our standardized mutual fund reporting package includes the menu of reports which follow.


Our standard mutual fund reporting and dashboard package includes both summary, rollup information (often preferred by sales managers on a day-to-day basis), and multiple layers of drill down, to provide added insight & perspective. Many of our clients have found that our standard mutual fund sales report & dashboard package is a good way to get started with SalesStation.

All SalesStation Core reports and dashboards are available in multiple output formats:  Excel, PDF, HTML.

SalesStation 2 Do It Yourself - Mutual Fund Reporting and Analytics

SalesStation Explore…Do It Yourself & Create Your Own Reports

Some asset management organizations may require customized mutual fund data and sales tracking reports to provide depth of insight deemed critical to their organization or demanded by their strategies. For clients who prefer the “do it yourself” approach, SalesStation includes a sophisticated “reporting on demand” system which enables clients to design, create and generate customized reports. SalesStation’s robust delivery mechanism will generate and distribute reports in multiple file formats on a when needed basis or according to fixed or periodic schedules.

SalesStation’s functionality is sophisticated and robust enough to support the reporting and analytical needs of the most demanding and unique asset management distribution organizations. Designing customized reporting and analytical query tools well suited to an asset management organization’s unique and specialized needs requires more than a best in class software reporting platform; it requires practical know how and mutual fund industry experience. That’s where Celera’s broad financial services strength makes the difference. Our operations professionals, asset management distribution experts, and software engineers have hands on experience working with some of the largest and most aggressive companies in the investment and insurance industries.

When you do business with Celera, expect that your most detailed and demanding needs will be satisfied with thoughtful and insightful reporting and business intelligence solutions. When customized sales tracking and reporting is required, let Celera’s professionals show you how to create your own reports and “do it yourself.”

All SalesStation Core reports and dashboards are available in multiple output formats:  Excel, PDF, HTML.

SalesStation 3 Hire Celera  for Your Mutual Fund Reporting and Analytics

Customized Reports & Dashboards: Ask Celera to Help You

If a customized sales tracking and reporting approach better suits your situation, there are times when looking to outside experts to just do it all for you may be appropriate and desirable. Your organization may not have the skills or resources to provide the ongoing assessment or in-depth data analysis that you know you need to aid your decision making and drive your business. You may feel you would benefit from an independent point of view to confirm a changing channel strategy, or an organizational realignment within your sales and marketing teams.

You may feel that you’re overlooking a high potential opportunity or that an unexpected obstacle may be lurking beyond your immediate perspective, but don’t have enough hard data to support your “gut sense”. In some instances, you may just need an extra set of experienced hands to pick up some of the slack from your overload of decision making.
Celera understands the challenges facing your organization.

The Celera team represents decades of experience leading, managing and supporting the distribution, operations and IT efforts of successful and prominent investment and insurance organizations. Our team credentials include MBAs, CPAs, financial analysts, systems analysts, hands on operations managers and executives who have supported large and fast growing asset management distribution organizations and veteran senior distributions executives with impressive track records of building financial services companies from the ground up. No matter what the opportunities or challenges you face, Celera has the skill and the experience to provide valuable, actionable insights and assessments.

When outside professional services would contribute to your success, retaining Celera may be the smartest, highest return on investment decision.

TurboCharge Distribution Effectiveness

SalesStation’s mutual fund reporting and sales tracking tools provide asset management executives, sales managers and wholesalers with a link to business-critical information that identifies high potential distribution opportunities. SalesStation’s interactive territory reporting and analytics dashboards use graphical, wholesaler-friendly tools to encourage utilization and maximize sales effectiveness.

SalesStation eliminates the need to divert scarce resources to build complex sales tracking and reporting systems in house.

Real-time snapshot of asset management producer activity
  • Equip your organization with the vital business intelligence you need to manage your distribution efforts and drive sales
  • Get accurate and reliable daily snapshots of channel, firm and territory level sales and assets first thing ever morning
  • Have real-time summary reports of wholesaler activity and sales results at your fingertips
  • Equip management and wholesalers with the critical daily sales and asset intelligence they need to effectively compete
  • Provide wholesalers real time snapshots of producer activity
  • Allocate scarce marketing and sales resources more strategically and cost effectively

SalesStation can quickly become an indispensible tool in supporting your organization’s overall sales, marketing and communications strategies:

  • Cost effective; an affordable monthly license arrangement
  • Software as a service; no hardware or software required
  • Quick installation; you can be up and running within 45 days
  • Intuitive, easy- to- use screens and navigation
  • Customized for the unique needs of small and fast growing asset management companies
SalesStation is intuitive and has easy to use screens and navigation

With SalesStation, you’ll be positioned to replace yesterday’s hit or miss “shotgun” approach of mass marketing, directed to anonymous advisors and brokers, with a targeted, more cost effective, more personal model.

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