Literature Fulfillment


Managing the Entire Fulfillment Cycle

MerrillConnect is a comprehensive software solution that connects the entire sales and fulfillment cycle, automates repetitive processes and generates concise reports that impact key revenue-generating decisions.

Additional tools enable secure, online order entry, customized one-to-one marketing, inventory management, analyses and regulatory auditing.

Fully integrated with internal databases, MerrillConnect empowers you to increase sales, marketing and inventory activities.

MerrillConnect helps generate reporting and manage your entire literature fulfillment cycle

MerrillConnect Advantages

A simple, secure web-based order system for real-time entry of single or bulk orders, standardizing postal addresses, handling exceptions and online tracking of order/shipments (with least-cost routing of deliveries)

Customized letters (with signatures) and custom/one-time mailing lists. Seamless integration of fulfillment data and processes with your CRM application

Complete inventory management of item availability, per-unit costs, open purchase orders, reorder points, safety stock levels and kit components

Augment your item catalog with compliance attributes and MerrillConnect will prevent items from being ordered by reps not qualified to receive them

Easy-to-use tools and wizards to manage items and kits according to quality and compliance standards

Intelligent revision management keeps an exact historical record of what was on every order and in every kit

A document repository for print-on-demand items using structured workflows for building, viewing, and approving documents in real time

Comprehensive reporting tools to monitor campaign effectiveness, product performance or customer segments