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“It’s an absolute myth that you can send an
algorithm over raw data and have insights pop up.”

Professor Jeffrey Heer
Washington University

Data Management

SalesStation ~ Data Management, Business Intelligence & CRM

The cornerstone of Celera’s data management solution is our powerful SalesStation platform.

  • Eliminate the need to divert scarce and precious capital and staffing resources to build and manage complex business, asset and sales reporting systems and analytics tools in house
  • Gain visibility: outsource the operational and distribution nightmares associated with omnibus accounting, subaccounting, trade reconciliation and advisor information

SalesStation is a highly sophisticated, state of the art data repository, whose utility integrates four distinct and complex enterprise-wide data management functionalities.

Celera’s Four-Step Process

Data Management - Retrieval, Alignment, Warehousing, Stewardship

Data Stewardship

Data stewardship for mutual funds, also referred to in some circles as “data cleansing” or “data scrubbing,” is the vital, make or break component  of any data management, sales reporting and business intelligence solution. Data stewardship is a key area where SalesStation truly stands out in the industry.

Data stewardship involves the detailed and meticulous processes utilized to detect, correct, remove and replace incomplete and unidentified records from mutual fund transaction and account data, to allow consolidated and accurate reporting across platforms and clearing firm arrangements at a unique and readily- identifiable firm, office, or advisor level; in short, the efforts expended to cleanse bad, incomplete or dirty data in order to deliver clean, consistent and complete information in a timely manner.

At Celera, we know that our clients rely upon the integrity of their data to identify business-critical information and analysis. That’s why Data Stewardship at Celera combines advanced mutual fund data reporting software technology tools with methodical, hands-on data scrubbing operations, performed by a team of dedicated and experienced specialists.

Data stewardship is especially critical for asset managers who do not have the internal mutual fund data reporting software or personnel resources, or the industry expertise to perform this critical function, and prefer to outsource the time-consuming, hands-on daily operations involved with data cleansing activities.

For CRM clients,  data stewardship encompasses our unique data synchronization process across both the SalesStation data warehouse and the Salesforce.com platform; eliminating or avoiding duplicate or conflicting data between producer records and prospect records.

Data stewardship begins concurrent with the installation of SalesStation, and involves three distinct levels of cleansing:


The SalesStation UPI Database is the envy of the industry. A powerful data aggregation repository, built and refined over many years, our UPI database leverages our scale of processing across dozens of data management clients. It stores the latest information for financial intermediaries, including complete address information by firm, branch office location, advisor affiliation and identity.

The SalesStation UPI database enables Celera to:

  • Match dealer, branch and representative codes from third-party providers to contacts, branch offices and firms on which you can take action
  • Maintain the latest contact information for financial advisors
  • Track changes made by dealers to account assignments
  • Identify and flag first time trades and positions for both advisors and their dealers
  • Minimize contact duplication
  • Track and update advisor movements from one dealer to another


While mutual fund data management technology can certainly amaze and astound, at Celera we believe there is no substitute for hands on “brain power” combined with insatiable curiosity and perseverance when it comes to tracking down ever-changing advisor affiliations, and sorting out the “quirks” associated with advisor identifying codes and numbers.
When it comes to data stewardship for asset management companies, Celera clients know that our unique combination of technology and professional services is unmatched in the industry.


Celera partners with Discovery Data, the leading provider of mutual fund database cleansing services in the financial services industry. We utilize Discovery’s state of the art technology to augment Celera’s data stewardship processes.