Seamless integration

A 360o view of each advisor

The world’s # 1
CRM sales, marketing
and service platform

Customized to suit the unique
needs of asset managers

Turbo charge sales manager
& wholesaler effectiveness

SalesStation Plus CRM

An Elegant CRM Solution for Asset Managers

Seamlessly integrated with…

…fully customized to suit the unique needs of mutual fund distribution organizations

SalesStation CRM for Asset Managers

  • “Out of the box” user-friendly overlay templates designed to capture and display advisor profile information unique to mutual fund distribution organizations
  • Fully integrates sales and asset data from SalesStation’s powerful best in class data management platform to provide full transparency
  • Equips mutual fund sales managers and wholesalers with the critical daily sales and asset advisor-level business intelligence they need to effectively compete
  • Channel, dealer, firm, advisor and territory-level reports and dashboards
  • 360o view of firm and advisor activity and sales

The SalesStation CRM Solution quickly becomes an indispensable tool in supporting your organization’s overall sales, marketing and communication strategies.

Cost effective; a modest monthly license arrangement

Software as a service; no hardware or software required

Quick installation; you can be up & running in 45 days

Intuitive; easy to use screens and navigation

Best in Class CRM Solution for Asset Managers

Celera’s CRM solution for asset managers elegantly integrates with, the dominant customer relationship manager platform worldwide. Now small and fast growing asset management organizations can join over 100,000 companies and 2 million users who represent hundreds of distinct industries to take advantage of best in class CRM technology.

How Can Your Organization Benefit?

Real-time snapshot of CRM solution for Asset Managers

Turbo-Charge Wholesaler Effectiveness

  • Equip wholesalers with the critical daily mutual fund sales and asset advisor-level business intelligence they need to effectively compete
  • Provide wholesalers real-time snapshots of producer activity
  • Enable wholesalers to build an invaluable archive of prospect and producer communications on an individual advisor level
  • Turbo-charge wholesaler-initiated communications with systematic reminders, regularly-scheduled follow ups, and automated e-mail communications
  • Increase wholesaler appointments
  • Cultivate interest & enthusiasm for your products & services over time by staying “on the radar screen” of high potential prospective producers
  • Give wholesalers vital control over their territory and business management activities

Manage Your Wholesalers with Less While Increasing Effectiveness

  • Equip yourself with the vital business intelligence you need to manage your wholesaler effort & drive sales
  • Get daily snapshots of channel, firm and territory-level sales and assets first thing every morning
  • Have real time summary reports of wholesaler activity and sales results at your fingertip
  • Automate your sales processes at critical stages of the sales cycle
CRM for Asset Managers Financial Services Companies
CRM for Asset Managers Financial Services Companies

Take Your Marketing & Communications Programs Up a Few Notches

  • Replace yesterday’s hit or miss “shotgun” approach of mass marketing, directed to anonymous advisors and brokers, with a targeted, more cost effective, more personal model
  • Build retention and loyalty to your firm by actively communicating sales and marketing programs that are targeted specifically to cultivate interest & enthusiasm for your products & services
  • Allocate scarce marketing resources more strategically and cost effectively
  • Track contacts, promotional campaigns & marketing activities
  • Keep your products and services “on the radar screen” of the financial professionals who are your prospects & customers
  • Increase the relevancy of your communications by targeting your communications on a mass-customized, segment by segment basis
  • Deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people, in the “right” way; engage and communicate the way each advisor prefers to engage with your firm


Celera also offers CRM Consulting for Asset Managers and Financial Services Companies

Celera possesses unique and unparalleled expertise in delivering best of class CRM solutions, customized specifically to suit the needs of asset management distribution organizations.

We have specialized experience and know how to help you envision and achieve successful outcomes, whether your firm is just getting started with Customer Relationship Management or seeking to build an entire sales, marketing, communications and service strategy on our robust and fully customized CRM platform.

Our CRM Solutions Group is led by John Salvatierra. During John’s decade-long tenure with Oracle Corp. and Siebel Systems, he led CRM consulting initiatives with key Financial Services and Asset Management clients. Engaged by one of the largest mutual fund organizations in the United States, John managed the design and operation of a CRM platform which supported over 1,000 users in 15 distinct business units.

Another key team member, Melissa Klein, is a Certified Salesforce Administrator with over seven years of experience helping Financial Services and nonprofit organizations leverage CRM functionality. As our CRM Solutions Manager, Melissa oversees project delivery, including requirements definition, planning, configuration, data migration, training, and support.

At Celera, CRM is far more than just another elegant software solution to support our clients’ distribution efforts. When it comes to CRM, we literally “eat our own cooking”; our entire SalesStation organization has relied upon for several years to ensure that our high touch, client-centric approach to business is realized day in and day out.