Celera Systems Re-Engineers SalesStation


June 8, 2015 Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Following over a year of R&D and beta testing, Celera Systems, a leader in innovative software solutions for asset managers, has announced the official roll out of its newly-conceived and significantly re-engineered SalesStation platform. Celera now offers the SalesStation platform as a multi-tiered platform of data management, business intelligence and CRM solutions that provides added flexibility and choice for asset managers. Celera first introduced the SalesStation platform in 2001 as an all-in-one solution and gained widespread adoption among fast-growing mutual fund distributors and their service providers who realize added value from Celera’s specialized expertise in supporting smaller asset managers.

Drawing from almost fifteen years of client feedback and internal utilization data, Celera’s product development and systems engineering teams collaborated closely for several months to identify and prioritize the specific sales tracking, reporting and business intelligence functionalities most often used and most valued by the company’s numerous SalesStation licensees.

Beverly Dube, Vice President of Client Sales and Support, played a key role in the redevelopment and reengineering project: “What we’ve learned over the years is that our clients represent two distinct user groups. Several clients with large and established wholesaling organizations have built the internal technology and operations expertise needed to take full advantage of the sophisticated and complex functionalities of SalesStation. These generally-larger firms prefer direct access to our SalesStation data warehouse and want to retain the ability to fully customize their own reports and business intelligence data in order to support both back office operations and distribution. In contrast, many of our fastest-growing clients strategically elected to eliminate the need of diverting scarce capital and staffing resources to build and manage complex asset and sales reporting systems and analytics tools in house and to outsource those operations to Celera. These clients are drawn to the “out-of-the-box” package of key sales and asset reports and business intelligence tools we developed to help them manage their distribution and sales support efforts.”

Celera’s new tiered solutions have been developed to multiply the marketplace appeal of SalesStation by matching each solution to its specific use-case:

  • SalesStation Core features an “out-of-the-box” library of critical sales and asset dashboards and reports with the vital metrics needed to manage distribution. Celera developed SalesStation Core specifically to suit the needs of sales, marketing and other business professionals who are charged with distribution responsibilities.
  • SalesStation Explore enables do-it-yourself functionality, maximizing flexibility for customized reporting, including either omnibus or detail data. Celera developed SalesStation Explore to meet the needs of operations, financial and accounting professionals.
  • SalesStation CRM features seamless integration to Salesforce.com, the world’s leading CRM platform, with a template customized to suit the needs of asset managers. Celera designed SalesStation CRM specifically to meet the needs of front line sales and marketing professionals.

Matthew Franey, who heads business development for Celera’s SalesStation solution, reports that the broadened appeal of SalesStation’s tiered offering is being well received in the marketplace: “Many of our fastest growing clients, while always appreciating the sophistication and power of SalesStation, have reported back that largely because of internal resource constraints, they were unlikely to utilize the significant ‘horsepower’ available to them. We’ve heard numerous times that Celera ought to develop an out-of-the-box package of key reports with the metrics critical to managing distribution efforts, and to identify opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked. SalesStation Core and SalesStation CRM are solutions that meet that need.”

Franey went on to observe: “Not only did we tier our solution to offer greater flexibility for licensees, we also restructured our pricing to reflect the distinct functionalities associated with each tier of service. SalesStation always represented a tremendous value relative to price for asset managers. Our differentiated and tiered pricing structure enables our licensees to pay for the functionalities that they most need and value.”

Since its founding in 2000, Celera Systems, a Milwaukee-based software development firm, has been recognized as an innovator in information technology solutions for financial services companies: mutual fund and institutional managers, insurance companies, retirement plan providers, banks and broker dealers.

For more information contact:
Matthew Franey
Director of Business Development
262-834-0080 x218