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Celera Launches new SalesStation Branding for its Sales Reporting Products


With the 2012 Olympic Games in London in full swing, reminding all of us at Celera that we designed our company logo as a stylized rendering of the Greek god, Hermes, messenger of the Olympian gods, it just seemed an appropriate time to announce an important rebranding of one of our flagship products.

Going forward, our technology platform, which we’ve called SPR (Sales & Performance Reporting) since its introduction in 2001 has been rebranded, SalesStation™.

SalesStation™ reflects the broader scope of products and services we continue to develop for our clients, and captures the enhanced and innovative sales reporting and analytics tools we’ll be introducing over the course of the next several months.

It was no accident when we founded our firm in 2000, that we named our company Celera, and chose the fastest of all the Olympian Greek gods, the fleet-footed Hermes, to represent what our firm stands for. “Celera” is derived from the Latin word celeritas, whose literal translations include rapidity, swiftness and speed. Our entire Celera organization takes pride in our ability to appreciate the immediacy of our clients’ challenges, and to respond quickly to deliver innovative, best-in-class information technology solutions. Like Hermes, who our logo depicts with his winged hat and one eye riveted on the future, we work hard to remain informed; continually seeking out ways to provide our clients new and innovative business solutions, being vigilant to new opportunities emerging in the dynamic and rapidly-changing financial services arenas.

To learn more about SalesStation™ call Gary Maradik, Director of Business Development, at 262-834-0080.