Celera is proud to sponsor SunStar Strategic’s 2019 Mutual Fund Conference

Celera Systems, LLC is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for SunStar Strategic’s 2019 Mutual Fund Conference. The conference is ideal for small to medium-sized funds who want to grow. This event takes place April 29 & 30 in Washington D.C. and will feature speakers from among the most successful firms presenting a wide range of distribution strategies to encourage and inspire you.

The event features two keynote speakers: Chris Davis, Head of U.S. Research at Strategic Insight, who will present “Distribution Essentials for Boutique Funds.” He will share research to support his hypothesis that multiple channels of distribution should be pursued. He’ll also address the popular core and satellite model and how to maximize sales. Warren Miller, founder of Flowspring, will also present a data-based presentation entitled “Beating the big guys – How to attract assets as an active, boutique manager.” His comments will include a close examination of the characteristics of funds that are driving significant asset growth.

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Matt Franey, director of Business Development for Celera, will moderate a panel addressing Advisor Outreach strategies. In this panel, we are highlighting SalesStation clients that are leveraging data and technology to grow and retain assets.

Please call Matt at 414-306-6411 or email him for more info. mfraney@celerasystems.com. We hope to see you there!