Celera Facilitates Hands-On Participative Workshop at NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum

Harnessing Data & Technology to Propel Distribution Efforts Written by Beverly Dube, Vice President of Client Services, at Celera. This post is a recap from the Celera Systems sponsored breakout session at the 2015 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum. Celera’s Monday afternoon breakout session at NICSA’s Strategic Leadership Forum in Fort Lauderdale used a participative, hands-on style, which allowed attendees to home in on the data issues that challenge distribution executives day in and day out. The session highlighted that there are many ways to interpret the same data. The major takeaways and “big ideas” from the session included: Strategy should drive structure, which should drive staffing….too many firms, even smart ones, start with trying to retrofit their existing staff into their emerging or refined distribution strategies. Smart distributors understand and adhere to a core marketing principal: Effective communications is all about getting The RIGHT message, to the RIGHT people, in the RIGHT way, at the RIGHT time. Integrating sales reporting into your CRM is really the key to empowering sales and marketing professionals to focus their outreach efforts where they will have the most impact. Profiling advisors, using CRM platforms, is a combination of quantitative data (sales reporting, assets under management) and qualitative data. (Does the advisor like to fish? Does he/she rely upon a home-office developed asset allocation model?) The overarching take away from the session clearly was that harnessing data can truly take a firm’s distribution efforts to new levels of effectiveness.