Celera Announces Alliance with Huntington Asset Services


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Celera Systems LLC, is pleased to announce the company’s alliance with Indianapolis-based Huntington Asset Services Company. Celera’s alliance with Huntington will provide Huntington’s asset management clients the ability to take advantage of a sophisticated, state of the art data management, business reporting and analytics platform, SalesStation, developed and powered by Celera.

In describing Celera’s alliance with Huntington, Gary Maradik, a Celera Managing Partner and one of Celera’s three founding partners, observed: “Our relationship with Huntington is not new; it’s deepened and evolved over time. Some of Huntington’s clients are already benefiting from the advantages which come from having reliable and timely asset and sales reporting dashboards available at their fingertips.”

Maradik went on to explain that “Sales managers and wholesalers at fast- growing asset management companies are especially enthusiastic about our user- friendly graphical dashboards which are a key feature of SalesStation. Integrated with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems we customize for our clients, sales and marketing professionals find our SalesStation platform to be extremely useful in shaping their overall sales and marketing strategies and tactical campaigns.”

Mike Giunta, another principal of Celera Systems observed that “While SalesStation is sophisticated and powerful enough to satisfy the needs of the largest and most ambitious asset management organizations, the particular expertise which we have built over the past 15 years is developing information technology solutions for small and fast-growing asset managers, whose ambitions and resource constraints are quite unique. Our alliance with Huntington is a very important relationship for our company, and we are very gratified with Huntington’s continued confidence in our abilities to serve the needs of its clients.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with several of Huntington’s clients, as they have evaluated and installed our SalesStation platform,” observed Beverly Dube, who leads Celera’s Client Operations Teams. “What I have come to appreciate so keenly, is that the option of outsourcing the complex functions of data warehousing, data stewardship, data cleansing, sales reporting, and business analytics to proven industry professionals like our team at Celera, enables small and fast growing asset managers to devote their own precious capital and staffing resources entirely to building assets under management and performing well for their investors.”

Huntington Asset Services, Inc, formerly Unified Fund Services, Inc, has been providing mutual fund service solutions for more than 40 years. Huntington’s fully integrated services include fund administration, accounting, transfer agency, compliance, distribution and custody for clients with combined assets of more than $45 billion. Huntington’s comprehensive solutions support both stand alone and series trust mutual fund structures.

Since its founding in 2000, Celera has been recognized as an innovator in developing technology solutions for financial services companies who include mutual fund, separate account, retirement plan and variable annuity managers, providers and distributors.