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Data scientists - digital data - mutal fund
Data scientists - digital data - mutal fund

Celera Facilitates Hands-On Participative Workshop at NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum

Harnessing Data & Technology to Propel Distribution Efforts Written by Beverly Dube, Vice President of Client Services, at Celera. This post is a recap from the Celera Systems sponsored breakout session at the 2015 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum. Celera’s Monday afternoon breakout session at NICSA’s Strategic Leadership Forum in Fort Lauderdale used a participative, hands-on […]

Data scientists - digital data - mutal fund

Do You Know Who’s Taking You to the Dance?

Omnibus sub accounting , which makes the puzzle of which advisors are recommending and redeeming a company’s fund shares at best challenging and at worst entirely overwhelming has been known to bring seasoned sales and marketing managers “to their knees” in frustration. One veteran distribution exec reports that he literally “started pulling out his hair” trying to crack the omnibus account puzzle; […]

Data scientists - digital data - mutal fund

Preparing Unruly Digital Data

A “gut sense” that an unexpected sales or marketing obstacle or challenge may be lurking beyond your immediate perspective, but don’t have enough hard data to support your intuition? Data scientists say that they spend half or more of their time mired in the mundane labor of collecting and preparing unruly digital data before it […]

CRM for Asset Managers

Without CRM technology it’s likely that your communications efforts will be hit or miss

In their must-read marketing primer, Maxi Marketing, Stan Rapp and Tim Collins emphatically describe that: “A profound change is taking place in the way goods and services are advertised, promoted & sold. Yesterdays hit‐or‐miss “shotgun” approach of mass marketing, directed to anonymous consumers, is giving way to a new more accountable, more cost effective, more […]