Gary Maradik

Principal, Director of Business Development

garyMGary Maradik’s financial services expertise runs long and deep. In Gary’s last corporate role before spreading his entrepreneurial wings to co-found Celera Systems, he held the title of Chief Information Officer of what are now the trust and mutual fund subsidiaries of U.S. Bank. Highlights of Gary’s 20 year career in trust and mutual fund operations, extend to installing an investment portfolio system to process 200 portfolios, representing $6 billion in securities, implementing a multi-bank funds transfer system for 40 banks in a multi-state environment, designing new information technology tools for investment analyst and trust manager work stations, and integrating one of the leading mutual supermarket portals into the banks brokerage systems. Gary and his team were pioneers in developing consolidated investment statements for mutual fund shareholders and trust account clients. Gary was awarded his Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance, and his Masters of Business degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Years of Financial Services Experience: 38

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