Some of Our Clients


Lenore Reiner

“The best part of our day is around 10:30 am when we receive our Daily Large Trade Report.  This report allows us to –in addition to doing a little victory lap – identify producers and figure out and prioritize who we should call, email, and recognize for having confidence in our organization.”

Lenore ReinerDirector of National Sales & Marketing, Motley Fool
Craig Churman

“We depend on Celera everyday to support our clients and our sales team.  Our internal team has a critical, first thing in the morning assignment to review transactions and share details with the field team.  In addition, senior management relies on Quality Sales Reporting for both short term and long term trends in our sales data – as we analyze the effectiveness of our sales effort and the impact on assets, flows, and client investment activity.  These results then drive our Marketing messages and Sales Team planning.”

Craig ChurmanVice President of Sales and Product Development, Saturna