milwaukee it technology solutions for asset managers


Since our founding in 2000, Celera has been recognized as an innovator in information technology solutions for financial services companies: mutual fund and institutional managers, insurance companies, retirement plan providers, banks and broker dealers. Our products and professional services, designed to provide comprehensive client solutions, include the following:

  • Data Management Software for Asset Managers
  • Sales Tracking & Reporting for Mutual Funds
  • Business Intelligence for Mutual Fund Distributors
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customized for Asset Managers
  • 22c-2 Trade Monitoring
  • Literature Fulfillment

About Us Celera History


It is No Accident That We Named Our Firm Celera

Our company name, “Celera,” is derived from the Latin word celeritas, whose literal translations include rapidity, swiftness and speed. There are suggestions within the scientific community, that the velocity factor in Einstein’s world-changing physics formula “E=mc2”, was rooted in the same Latin word, celeritas, or in the French derivation of it, “celerity” used to describe promptness, briskness and immediacy. Combined with our company logo, which depicts a stylized image of the fleet- of- foot mythical Greek Olympian god Hermes, with his winged hat and one eye riveted on the future, our entire Celera organization takes pride in our ability to respond quickly and collaboratively to meet the needs of our clients. We work hard to remain informed; continually looking for ways to provide our clients new and innovative business solutions, being vigilant to opportunities created in the dynamic and rapidly changing financial services arenas.